My ramblings about PHP development and system administration

Dynamically resizing an iframe

For a website I'm currently working on, I have an iframe in place for implementing a forum into the site, so the forum always fits nicely into the layout, also whenever the layout changes. There was only one problem with this setup, the height of the iframe was statically set... [Read More]

CakePHP contact form with validation rules

Recently I've discussed this code in the #cakephp IRC channel to someone who was looking to achieve to create a CakePHP contact form, but was struggling with it a little. I then put my code on the pastebin and decided to post it here as well. Might help other people with... [Read More]

Database logging in CakePHP

I've been playing a lot with CakePHP lately, so here's yet another article on it. For one of my latest projects I was interested in logging authentication results (using the Auth component) into a database table. Perhaps not the most suitable way of logging, but since it's for a low... [Read More]

Simple CakePHP RSS Helper

For a project I'm currently building with CakePHP I needed to integrate some contents of an RSS feed into a part of the layout. Using a simple custom-made helper, I got the job done pretty quickly. Here is how it works. For those of you not yet familiar with setting... [Read More]

Plesk 10 cronjobs

Since the release of the Plesk 10 control panel, there has been a huge difference in how cronjobs are handled. With Plesk 9 and prior, cronjobs were just executed with the system's default shell, usually sh or bash. However since Plesk 10, the default policy is to run everything under... [Read More]