My ramblings about PHP development and system administration

AJAX requests with CakePHP's SecurityComponent

For one of my current CakePHP projects, I am builing an invoice module, in which I want the users to be able to add new invoice lines to an invoice using AJAX requests, so the page doesn't have to be reloaded for every new line. The problem In itself, that's... [Read More]

After updating my server today, I noticed that Apache hadn't come back up after the reboot. When I tried to start Apache manually, I got a whole bunch of errors for all of my vhosts, stating: Warning: DocumentRoot [/var/www/vhosts/example.com/httpdocs] does not exist While in fact, the directories did exist and... [Read More]

CakePHP 2.1 RSS Component

Currently, I'm getting familiar with the "latest" (at the time of writing) version of CakePHP, 2.1 and am building a project with it. For this project I also needed a helper that can read RSS files (rather than write them, what Cake's core RssHelper does). I have [Read More]

Adjusting Parallels/Plesk greylisting patterns

Today I got a mail from a customer saying that a mail that someone tried to send them kept bouncing from my Plesk/Qmail mailserver. Upon inspection of the maillog, I noticed this error at the specific e-mail message: Jan 17 14:31:08 servername greylisting filter[539]: Starting greylisting filter... Jan 17 14:31:08... [Read More]